The Nolcha Shows Fashion Media Lounge, which was held at the Bryant Park Hotel Terrace Loft, previewed Spring/Summer 2018 collections from 8 independent accessories & beauty brands ranging from scarves to jewelry, handbags to shoes, and lipstick to eye cream, including several ethical and sustainable brands. I was lucky enough to meet these fabulous designers and understand more about what drives them, their inspiration, and goals. 

This season welcomed returning beauty brand ECRU New York (hair products & cosmetics including lipstick & mascara), and debuting brands Neubyrne (women’s art inspired footwear) and All Black (women’s fashion footwear),  SHOLDIT (innovative travel scarves), Cheryl Eve Acosta (fine art jewelry), Gallery Indonesia (jewelry, handbags, and other accessories from Indonesian artisans), Virginia Stone (luxury skincare), and TRADE by Gina La Morte (handbags for a cause). TRADE by Gina La Morte are on a mission to end the enslavement and human trafficking of women & children. A portion of all proceeds go towards organizations and initiatives that support this incredible cause.

Furthermore, Trade sells amazing Italian leather bags with a story of survivors turning into butterflies. Their designs focused on the cocoon phase of survivors, and their next stage – the butterfly, giving a beautiful variety of blues, tans, nudes, and embellishments. This really struck a cord with me and made me fall in love with the brand, I absolutely love helping and empowering women in any way possible, and Trade is accomplishing this! Another favorite was the All Black women’s footwear, with gorgeous, trendy designs including pom poms, caged heels, embellished flats, and fringe. 

Many of these designers also walked at the Nolcha Shows at Industria Studios. Stay tuned, and keep returning to for my review on the SS18 Nolcha runway shows!