Freedom Collection

Our design esthetic of beautifully broken deconstructed luxury is symbolic to the picture of transformation and restoration of victims of human trafficking that our collection supports. Our signature "Monarch and Cocoon" shapes are a modern interpretation of a butterfly and a cocoon that celebrates and redeems a woman's femininity. All of the materials used in our design directly reflect that story. Our use of one-of-a-kind trims and bead work that may have otherwise been discarded now creates something unique. Our leathers are purposely selected to reflect the beautiful, uneven layers of vegetable dyed color and texture, so each bag's distinctions celebrate it's natural beauty rather than coated and covered up. Every style bag is it's own reflection of the beautifully broken story of the transformation process that we like to tell. Both our materials and the process of creating our collection mimic the collective women's  journey from captivity to freedom. 

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