Monarch Butterfly Foldover Clutch-Blush Croc

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Some say they see a butterfly. Others say they see a woman's torso. We are happy you see both, because we designed our Monarch Butterfly bag with the story of transformation in mind. We wanted to redeem the brokenness of what a woman goes through when being trafficked and abused, and replace that with beauty. We wanted to reflect the beautiful, but broken, transformation process that happens once she gets her wings back and can fly again! That's why everything about our design is symbolic. Nothing is as simple as it seems. Even our leathers are uneven layers of color and texture, just like her story. Nothing is perfect. Everything is beautifully broken and everything is redeemed.

On practical terms, our signature butterfly shape is a 3-in-1 style bag! That's right, it can be worn 3 different ways! I designed the style to be worn as a stand up clutch (as in the picture), but I also felt a girl needed a little more options, so I created it to also be worn as a fold over clutch, and as a cross body. 3 ways, 1 bag! More bag for your buck! 

Designed in our signature semi-vegetable hand-dyed lambskin from Italy. It comes in 4 colors; Bohemian Blush, Honey Love, Sand, and Black Noir. This bag has plenty of room for all your stuff; a phone, wallet, keys, lip gloss, and whatever else you want to put in there. With every signature Trinity butterfly design, the bag seals for safety with a magnetic closure. Comes with 1" wide crossbody strap. Three zippers all with magnetic seals for extra precaution in case you forget to zip. Size 12"w x 14"h. 

• Zipper on top, outside back and inside.
• Comes with detachable shoulder strap is 48" long 1"inch wide.
• Antique gold finish hardware