Monarch Satchel

Monarch Satchel

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Some say they see a butterfly. Others say they see a woman's torso. We are happy you see both, because we designed our Monarch Butterfly bag with the story of transformation in mind. We wanted to redeem the brokenness of what a woman goes through when being trafficked and abused, and replace that with beauty. We wanted to reflect the beautiful, but broken, transformation process that happens once she gets her wings back and can fly again! That's why everything about our design is symbolic. Nothing is as simple as it seems. Even our leathers are uneven layers of color and texture, just like her story. Nothing is perfect. Everything is beautifully broken and everything is redeemed.The wings and center reflect a special design on each bag.

Our Monarch Satchel is very detailed and sturdy. The hand-wrapped double handles add great substance. Each bag is made with our signature semi-vegetable tanned distressed lambskin that varies in the very nature of the color, it is trimmed in croc pressed lamb, calf skin, or suede. This bag has plenty of room for a ipad, phone, wallet, keys, lipstick, and whatever else you want to put in there. It can be an excellent work bag, a diaper bag or an everyday bag. Inside, there are three pockets; one has a security zipper, and the other two pockets are for a phone and wallet. There is double fringe at the bottom of the bag  

This handbag is MADE TO ORDER. It is  custom-made individually by hand in NYC for each client and will take approx. three-four weeks to create your custom order, make and ship(free shipping). 

*This bag is available for order a few different ways because of its custom design. 

It can be ordered two ways:  

1. Solid all leather or suede $595 (choose color below) 

2. Custom handmade Italian beading and recycled Indian silk sari ribbons down the butterfly “center” . The body of handbag ismade in leather or suede. $995 (see color selection below) Plesse note : once you select a color, we will choose the matching beadwork to go with the handbag  

*Size 16"w x 11.5"h x 5"bottom.
* Opens very large inside with top zipper. 
• Rose gold and antique gold hardware