Chic Galleria Blog Interview with Gina La Morte

An Interview with Fashion Activist Gina La Morte
Gina La Morte is a Celebrity Fashion Stylist turned Fashion Activist who wanted to use her fashion experience for good by helping women and children get saved and transformed out of the human trafficking trade. Known for her design aesthetic of modern bohemianism, La Morte created a socially-conscious fashionable lifestyle for the modern woman in 2008 when she was founder and Editor in Chief of Boho magazine. Boho was an Aveda award-winning publication that was founded on the principles of staying stylish while still living a sustainable and socially-conscious life. 
La Morte’s experience as a Celebrity Stylist for magazines like People Stylewatch and retailers like Nordstrom have always supported her vision of fusing fashion and philanthropy. Her first fashion collection, TRADE by Gina La Morte is a continuation of that socially conscious story of combining her passion for giving back with her love of styling that can translate into what real woman want; to make a difference in the world and remain stylish while doing it.