The very heart of our business was formed upon our values of supporting non-profit missions of setting women and children free from anything that enslaves them; including human trafficking, abuse and violence. In the creation of all of our products, all of our labor is fair trade, made in the USA, right here in NYC, supporting single mothers, abused and trafficked victims and true industry artisans that handcraft our products locally. Our materials are as sustainable and local whenever possible. We use the finest Italian leathers, all of which are semi-vegetable dyed. They are very special, aged and distressed skins. We do our best to keep our collections as pure to the vision of sourcing local, and doing business with other ethical businesses that will support and employ women who have come out of life threatening circumstances. 


Gina La Morte is a Celebrity Fashion Stylist turned Fashion Activist who wanted to use her fashion experience for good by helping women and children get saved and transformed out of the human trafficking trade. Known for her design esthetic of modern bohemianism, La Morte's history in creating a socially conscious  lifestyle for the modern woman began in 2008 when she was founder and Editor-in-Chief of Boho magazine. Boho was an AVEDA award-winning publication that was the #1 sustainable and socially conscious fashion magazine. It was sold in 37 countries, and domestically in Whole Foods, Target, Barnes & Noble and more. La Morte's experience as a Celebrity Stylist includes clients like People Stylewatch, O the Oprah magazine, W magazine, MTV, CBS morning show, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdales. Her passion has always been fusing fashion and philanthropy. Her first fashion collection, TRADE by Gina La Morte is a continuation of that socially conscious story of combining her passion for giving back with her love of styling that can translate into what real woman want; to make a difference in the world and remain stylish while doing it.

As part of why we do what we do we have created a company that helps in many ways. We like to partner with different charities donating 20% of our net profits directly to who is doing the real work behind the scenes to provide freedom to those who need it most in the areas of rescue and recovery, some have been Saving Innocence and ARC. We also purchase materials from sources that support domestic violence and trafficking victims, as well hire artisans who can support their local families. We sponsor and provide our own events and            outreach. We also provide counseling, emotional support and a financial means to get these survivors back into society and rediscovering their dreams. We have found the fall off point to be in that place. Yes, many are rescued and rehabbed but then they are alone again, sometimes homeless, family-less and jobless and need to be trained with basic job skills, community and emotional support. This is where TRADE comes in. We work with various organizations to help reach these girls through outreaches, special events, and work programs. 

“As we work to dismantle trafficking networks and help survivors rebuild their lives, we must also address the underlying forces that push so many into bondage. We must develop economies that create legitimate jobs, build a global sense of justice that says no child should ever be exploited, and empower our daughters and sons with the same chances to pursue their dreams. This month, I call on every nation, every community, and every individual to fight human trafficking wherever it exists. Let us declare as one that slavery has no place in our world, and let us finally restore to all people the most basic rights of freedom, dignity, and justice.”
- President Barack Obama, Presidential Proclamation, The White House, December 31, 2013, declaring National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month in January.


When I envisioned TRADE, I saw a movement of people coming together for a greater purpose of wanting to TRADE #FASHIONFORFREEDOM. I knew there were many women, who just like me, had a passion for fashion, but also who wanted to make a difference. I wanted to create a company that gathered all of these like-minded people together, not only to empower them to work together to help free the millions of women and children who are held captive as slaves around the world, but also to equip those socially-conscious entrepreneurs who want to work with us to create a FASHION FOR FREEDOM movement within their own community.