La Morte has created a collection of pieces made from vegetable tanned Italian leather and hand dyed Italian Suede. Along with traditional Indian silk Sari’s that were born from recycled material from female survivors of domestic violence who are coming out of domestic violence shelters. 

Hand beaded detailing could be found on an organic cotton and silk sleeveless vest, whilst hand dyed silk was turned into a striking loose fitting, three-quarter length sleeved maxi dress that was reminiscent of liquid gold as it shimmered its way down the runway. 

With La Morte’s sustainable collection and strong social message of finding beauty in brokenness, was evident in this stunning collection. With a palette of beige, gold, silver and brown, the collection was elegant and airy, with its loose silhouettes and minimalistic structure that was as beautiful as the message it carried. 

With the materials used being celebrated for their individuality, the collection had a clear and important message. By upcycling materials and giving them new life, La Morte has created a luxurious, natural and unique collection that emphasizes the individuality of the fabrics and uneven layers, and celebrates these differences rather than covering them up.