Dark Denim Skinny Fringe Denim

Dark Denim Skinny Fringe Denim

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Each pair of our denim has a story. There is a different message on each pair. Each one is recycled, and then hand painted for a one of a kind design. 

This gorgeous pair of skinny darks are trimmed in handmade wool fringe from a local female farmer in upstate NY who takes care of her sheep. The jean charm is available separately, located under bag charms.  

These jeans are a dark blue faded wash. They have a straight stretch leg. Size 4/6 waist / 32 inch length. 79% cotton/19% poly 2% spandex blend of denim that gives a very soft feel. gold painted waisted band and words. Custom removable handwoven trim belt that clips onto button. Can be worn full length or cropped  

*IMPORTANT: These denim are ONE OF A KIND. that means once they are gone they are gone! if you want a custom order please DM us through Instagram @tradebyginalamorte